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Modifier Page Ratios

Use Modifier Pages to organize modifiers and find them quickly on the MODS tab. Modifier pages can be associated with ratios, which are especially useful for pizzerias when adding whole and 1/2 topping options on a pizza…

Modifiers and Special Instructions

In Exatouch, the Instruction, Special Instruction, and Add Note features are used with MODs. However, they serve different purposes.

Item Markup

Merchants can modify Markup settings to calculate profit margins for an item. Including a markup in the purchase price can also help a merchant cover costs, fees, and other expenses.

Send Modifiers to Specific Printers

In Exatouch, you can assign different printers to modifiers by category and subcategory. The category and subcategory, for example, of salad modifiers can print to a salad station printer, while the steak entrée prints to the appropriate…

Non-Refundable Items

Merchants can configure Exatouch to make items non-refundable. Non-refundable items display as grayed on the Refunds screen.

Enable Modifier Limits

Merchants can restrict the number of modifiers (MODs) for a root item by adjusting Modifier Limit settings under Register Preferences.

Manage Inventory With Parent-Child Items

Manage inventory more efficiently by linking parent and child items. When parent and child items are linked, and your supply of child items runs low, Exatouch “unpacks” more items by drawing from parent items to fulfill orders.

EAN13 Barcode Integration

Merchants can add weighted items to orders after weighing them on non-EPI scales! The EAN13 integration with Exatouch features settings that can be configured to seamlessly add weighted items to any order.

Inventory Matrix

The Inventory Matrix feature allows merchants to assign a single SKU number with multiple prices for bundled items, such as soda, sports drinks, or t-shirts. Using Exatouch, merchants can set prices for individual items as well as…

Custom Buttons

Merchants will love a quicker checkout when they customize their register with custom buttons! Custom buttons can be configured to execute functions, quickly add items or services to an order, and apply discounts.

Weighted Items

Merchants can use an Exatouch integrated scale to seamlessly sell items based on weight. Exatouch automatically calculates the total sale price according to the item’s unit price and weight.

Enable Dual Pricing

Merchants can use the Dual Price setting to configure separate pricing for cash payments and non-cash payments, such as debit or credit card. When Dual Price is enabled, the List Price and Cash Price both display on…

Exatouch Inventory App

  • Note: The Exatouch Inventory App is currently available to select users for beta testing. We anticipate the full release within the first half of 2023.
Expand how you manage inventory with the Exatouch Inventory App! The app…

Add a Manufacturer

When manufacturer data is entered into the system, POs (Purchase Orders) can be created and submitted to the manufacturer.

EBT Payments

We’ve updated how EBT payments are made! EBT Cash and EBT Food functions are enabled independently. EBT Cash and EBT Food payments can also be added as payment options on the Register.

Inventory Building for Retail

The Exatouch Point of Sale (POS) system allows retail merchants to quickly build items and inventory to maximize efficiency when processing sales. To download a PDF copy of this information, click here.

Menu Building for Restaurants

The Exatouch Point of Sale (POS) system allows restaurants to quickly build menus to maximize efficiency when processing sales. To download a PDF copy of this information, click here.

Importing Inventory (Retail)

The Inventory Import feature allows retail merchants to import data directly into Exatouch. Merchants can import data for items, customers, staff, vendors, and services. These procedures work for restaurants as well.

Processing Returns and Exchanges

Merchants can process returns or handle exchanges by using the void and refund features of the Exatouch system.

Limit Quantity Sales Using Order Limit Quantity

To limit quantity sales, use Order Limit Qty in the Item Details > Inventory work area. Enter an amount in this field to restrict customer purchases to that quantity on individual items. If you have categories or subcategories…

Dynamic Purchase Orders

Expedite product reorders by enrolling vendors and items in Dynamic Reordering. Save time on manually tracking inventory and create purchase orders before inventory runs out. When inventory items (linked to a vendor and enrolled in Dynamic Reordering)…

Dynamic Reordering

Expedite reorders by enrolling your items and vendors in Dynamic Reordering. As included items are depleted from inventory, Exatouch creates purchase orders based on each item’s Safe Qty, on the day and time you set for each…

Mark a Purchase Order as Paid

Use the purchase order work area to mark Open, Open Sent, Pending (partially received), and Completed (received) purchase orders as Paid.

Modify Inventory Levels

Inventory levels for your items are maintained by Exatouch: every sale, return, inventory count, and shipment acceptance affects your on-hand stock. Adjust quantity levels for single items outside of these workflows in Item Details.

Create Categories and Subcategories

Organize your items and services using categories and subcategories to get the most out of Exatouch: Find items more easily in the Register app. Create category and subcategory level promotions. Review sales, inventory movement, and more in…

Add an Item

Items in Exatouch make up your inventory for sale and populates your menu with non-inventory items, where applicable.

Create Labels for Items

Use Exatouch to print labels quickly and easily on report printers and supported label printers. Print labels to Avery-compatible label sheets or specialized labels that include pricing and barcodes.

Link Items to Vendors

Link your items to one or more vendors, and generate Purchase Orders (PO) in Exatouch. By default, items are assigned a default vendor named No Vendor.

Modify Items In Bulk

Save time and effort by quickly modifying groups of items in bulk. Change prices, categories, and more. Create a list of items using advanced search, then use Modify All List Items to make your changes.

  • Note:
Changes in…

Low Level Quantities in the Register

Use Exatouch to manage and monitor your inventory. Use the Inventory work area of Item Details to view and manage your inventory items, set quantity defaults and alerts, as well as manage details about the items you…

Duplicate Items and Modifiers

Save time and effort adding new items by duplicating and editing an existing item or modifier.

Set Tax Rates for an Individual Item

Some default tax settings apply to a newly added item, but you can adjust the settings as needed for any items in Item Details.

Find an Item

Use the Register app to search for an item and add it to an order. Users with appropriate access levels can find items to get more information about an item, add or remove inventory for an item,…

Generate SKU Numbers and Assign Alternate SKU Numbers

The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is a multi-digit number assigned to inventory and menu items. Exatouch supports EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, and UPC-E compliant barcodes. Use Exatouch to generate a SKU for any item, or assign an Alternate…

Expanded Inventory Item Import, Including Vendor Linking

Simplify your inventory updates by importing the data directly into Exatouch! We’ve expanded our import capability to include new fields, including Vendor fields you can use to connect existing vendors or create new vendors.

Process Bottle Deposits

In states such as Michigan and California, customers who purchase beverages are charged a deposit for the bottle in addition to the retail price of the beverage. This deposit is known as a DRV (or sometimes CRV)…

Modify Bulk Services

Groups of Services can be modified in bulk, making price modification and category changes a breeze! Use the Modify All List Services function to accomplish these tasks.

Historical Pricing

Historical Pricing gives you the ability to revert to a previously implemented price for one or more items. Save time with bulk application of historical pricing, rather than looking up a previous price and applying a price changes…

Add Cost to a Modifier

Cost can be associated with a modifier. For example, “Garden Burger” may have a “Sides” modifier group which includes: “w/Fries”, “w/Chips”, and “w/Side Salad”, where the addition of fries costs $1.75. When a modifier is assigned a…

Enable Duplicate Required Modifiers

Duplicate modifiers make it easy for restaurants to accommodate a double portion of burger toppings or extra pickles on the side! The duplicate modifier option is enabled in Register Preferences. Once enabled, individual modifier options are adjusted…

Add Modifiers to an Item

Once a modifier is created and defined, the modifier (aka mod) can be added to an item.

What is a Service Item?

A service item is a non-tangible, service-based product. Services have an element of time, a cost associated with the service, and a staff member who provides the service.

Can I add both items and services to the register?

Yes! Both services and items can be added to the register so you can quickly ring up goods and services. Non-tangible service items and tangible retail items can be color-coded so they can be easily identified at…

Find Modifier Details

Modifier details can be found within any Items Detail record, on the Modifier tab.

Create a Modifier

A modifier is an item which further describes or amends a customer’s order.

Difference Between Required and Optional Modifiers

Modifiers can either be required or optional. Required modifiers pop-up automatically when an associated item is selected. Optional modifiers are selected manually.

Set Tax Rate for an Individual Service

Tax rates are usually set when a service is first created, but tax rates can be added or adjusted to an existing service.

Which Labels and Tags Can Exatouch Print?

With Exatouch’s barcode/label printer, you can seamlessly print split labels, clothing tags, jewelry tags, and paper labels.

Define Custom Variables

Custom variables allow you to edit multiple data fields throughout Exatouch. Details such as staff type, floor plan components, payout types, and transaction reasons can be defined as custom variables. Item details such as size, color, and…

Create Instruction Modifiers

“Instructions” provide additional direction on how to apply MODS to an order. This is especially helpful for restaurants who communicate specific instructions to kitchen staff before an order is prepared.

Create Special Instruction Modifiers

“Special Instructions” are bundled with MODS to provide additional information for kitchen staff. This additional information is merely instructional and does not change the application of MODS at the register.

Difference Between Custom Buttons and Custom Variables

Custom buttons affect the register, allowing you to create specialized buttons on your register interface. Custom variables affect data fields within Exatouch, such as Item’s Details or Customer Details. Definitions of custom variables can create additional opportunities…

Set General Tax Rates

Tax rates are configured in Tax Group Settings. Tabs in Tax Group Settings correspond to different types of taxes: General, Per Unit, and Pre & Post. On each tab, tax rates are defined in Groups. Tax Groups…

Add Size Options

Size can be assigned to an item within Items Details. Size options are added or removed via custom variables.

Add Modifier to a Group

Modifiers can be either required or optional. Required modifiers are identified as such by being added to a modifier group. Adding a modifier to a group will enable it to appear with other required mods when a customer…

Set Pre- & Post-Tax Rates

Tax rates are configured in the Settings module. Tabs in Tax Group Settings submodule correspond to different types of taxes: General, Per Unit, and Pre & Post. On each tab, tax rates are defined in Groups. Tax…

Set Per Unit Tax Rates

Tax rates are configured under the Settings module. Tabs in the Tax Settings submodule correspond to different types of taxes: General, Per Unit, and Pre & Post. On each tab, tax rates are defined in Groups. Tax…

Organize Modifier Pages

Modifier pages expand MOD offerings, and are a convenient way to organize optional modifiers at the register.

Name Modifier Pages

Modifier page names are customized in customer variables.

Label a Modifier Group

Modifier Groups can be labeled, making it easier to identify and organize required modifiers.

What is a Modifier?

A modifier is an item which further describes or amends a customer’s order.

Price Override at the Register

While taking a customer’s order at the register, merchants are prompted to override an item price either by tapping directly on an item price or by using a custom Price Override button.

Process Bottle Returns

In some states, customers who purchase beverages are charged a deposit for the bottle in addition to the retail price of the beverage. Customers return the empty bottle for a refund of the deposit. In Exatouch, the…

View Modifiers at the Register

Modifiers are either required or optional. The required modifier screen automatically displays when entering an item into the register. Optional modifiers are accessed from the Mods tab.