Inventory Setup & Management

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Manage Inventory With Parent-Child Items

Manage inventory more efficiently by linking parent and child items. When parent and child items are linked, and your supply of child items runs low, Exatouch “unpacks” more items by drawing from parent items to fulfill orders.

Inventory Matrix

The Inventory Matrix feature allows merchants to assign a single SKU number with multiple prices for bundled items, such as soda, sports drinks, or t-shirts. Using Exatouch, merchants can set prices for individual items as well as…

Exatouch Inventory App

  • Note: The Exatouch Inventory App is currently available to select users for beta testing. We anticipate the full release within the first half of 2023.
Expand how you manage inventory with the Exatouch Inventory App! The app…

Add a Manufacturer

When manufacturer data is entered into the system, POs (Purchase Orders) can be created and submitted to the manufacturer.

Inventory Building for Retail

The Exatouch Point of Sale (POS) system allows retail merchants to quickly build items and inventory to maximize efficiency when processing sales. To download a PDF copy of this information, click here.

Importing Inventory (Retail)

The Inventory Import feature allows retail merchants to import data directly into Exatouch. Merchants can import data for items, customers, staff, vendors, and services. These procedures work for restaurants as well.

Limit Quantity Sales Using Order Limit Quantity

To limit quantity sales, use Order Limit Qty in the Item Details > Inventory work area. Enter an amount in this field to restrict customer purchases to that quantity on individual items. If you have categories or subcategories…

Dynamic Reordering

Expedite reorders by enrolling your items and vendors in Dynamic Reordering. As included items are depleted from inventory, Exatouch creates purchase orders based on each item’s Safe Qty, on the day and time you set for each…

Modify Inventory Levels

Inventory levels for your items are maintained by Exatouch: every sale, return, inventory count, and shipment acceptance affects your on-hand stock. Adjust quantity levels for single items outside of these workflows in Item Details.

Link Items to Vendors

Link your items to one or more vendors, and generate Purchase Orders (PO) in Exatouch. By default, items are assigned a default vendor named No Vendor.

Modify Items In Bulk

Save time and effort by quickly modifying groups of items in bulk. Change prices, categories, and more. Create a list of items using advanced search, then use Modify All List Items to make your changes.

  • Note:
Changes in…

Low Level Quantities in the Register

Use Exatouch to manage and monitor your inventory. Use the Inventory work area of Item Details to view and manage your inventory items, set quantity defaults and alerts, as well as manage details about the items you…

Duplicate Items and Modifiers

Save time and effort adding new items by duplicating and editing an existing item or modifier.

Find an Item

Use the Register app to search for an item and add it to an order. Users with appropriate access levels can find items to get more information about an item, add or remove inventory for an item,…

Generate SKU Numbers and Assign Alternate SKU Numbers

The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is a multi-digit number assigned to inventory and menu items. Exatouch supports EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, and UPC-E compliant barcodes. Use Exatouch to generate a SKU for any item, or assign an Alternate…

Expanded Inventory Item Import, Including Vendor Linking

Simplify your inventory updates by importing the data directly into Exatouch! We’ve expanded our import capability to include new fields, including Vendor fields you can use to connect existing vendors or create new vendors.

What is a Service Item?

A service item is a non-tangible, service-based product. Services have an element of time, a cost associated with the service, and a staff member who provides the service.

Define Custom Variables

Custom variables allow you to edit multiple data fields throughout Exatouch. Details such as staff type, floor plan components, payout types, and transaction reasons can be defined as custom variables. Item details such as size, color, and…

Process Bottle Returns

In some states, customers who purchase beverages are charged a deposit for the bottle in addition to the retail price of the beverage. Customers return the empty bottle for a refund of the deposit. In Exatouch, the…