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Modifier Page Ratios

Use Modifier Pages to organize modifiers and find them quickly on the MODS tab. Modifier pages can be associated with ratios, which are especially useful for pizzerias when adding whole and 1/2 topping options on a pizza…

Modifiers and Special Instructions

In Exatouch, the Instruction, Special Instruction, and Add Note features are used with MODs. However, they serve different purposes.

Send Modifiers to Specific Printers

In Exatouch, you can assign different printers to modifiers by category and subcategory. The category and subcategory, for example, of salad modifiers can print to a salad station printer, while the steak entrée prints to the appropriate…

Enable Modifier Limits

Merchants can restrict the number of modifiers (MODs) for a root item by adjusting Modifier Limit settings under Register Preferences.

Add Cost to a Modifier

Cost can be associated with a modifier. For example, “Garden Burger” may have a “Sides” modifier group which includes: “w/Fries”, “w/Chips”, and “w/Side Salad”, where the addition of fries costs $1.75. When a modifier is assigned a…

Enable Duplicate Required Modifiers

Duplicate modifiers make it easy for restaurants to accommodate a double portion of burger toppings or extra pickles on the side! The duplicate modifier option is enabled in Register Preferences. Once enabled, individual modifier options are adjusted…

Add Modifiers to an Item

Once a modifier is created and defined, the modifier (aka mod) can be added to an item.

Find Modifier Details

Modifier details can be found within any Items Detail record, on the Modifier tab.

Create a Modifier

A modifier is an item which further describes or amends a customer’s order.

Difference Between Required and Optional Modifiers

Modifiers can either be required or optional. Required modifiers pop-up automatically when an associated item is selected. Optional modifiers are selected manually.

Create Instruction Modifiers

“Instructions” provide additional direction on how to apply MODS to an order. This is especially helpful for restaurants who communicate specific instructions to kitchen staff before an order is prepared.

Create Special Instruction Modifiers

“Special Instructions” are bundled with MODS to provide additional information for kitchen staff. This additional information is merely instructional and does not change the application of MODS at the register.

Add Modifier to a Group

Modifiers can be either required or optional. Required modifiers are identified as such by being added to a modifier group. Adding a modifier to a group will enable it to appear with other required mods when a customer…

Organize Modifier Pages

Modifier pages expand MOD offerings, and are a convenient way to organize optional modifiers at the register.

Name Modifier Pages

Modifier page names are customized in customer variables.

Label a Modifier Group

Modifier Groups can be labeled, making it easier to identify and organize required modifiers.

What is a Modifier?

A modifier is an item which further describes or amends a customer’s order.

View Modifiers at the Register

Modifiers are either required or optional. The required modifier screen automatically displays when entering an item into the register. Optional modifiers are accessed from the Mods tab.