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Scheduled Reports Reminder

Exatouch makes it easy to set up and run custom and standard reports in advance. We’ve added a friendly reminder to this process reminding you to leave your Exatouch environment powered up and logged in for reports…

New Feature: Force User Clock Out

We’ve added force clock out options to ensure staff members are clocked out appropriately at the end of the business day, or at a specific time for individual users.

Modify Pricing on Markup Priced Items

Using markup pricing and need to change an item or service price? With this release, you can now manually modify an item or service price. The markup (calculated in dollars or percentage amounts as needed) recalculates automatically.

Just Added: In-Counter Scale Support

We’ve added support for the Datalogic Magellan 9400i in-counter scale. After installation and Exatouch setup, staff members can weigh and ring up both standard items and items sold by weight to an order quickly and easily in…

Ratings Reports

Two customer experience ratings reports detail the scores left by customers who use your touchscreen customer facing display.

Reprint Receipts

Use Reprint to print a receipt for any closed, paid order. Add this button to the Register app in a convenient location, such as the submenu or other standard button location. To make the Reprint button available in…

Email Customer Receipts

Email customers their receipts using the Register app at payment time or later, as needed.

Capture All for Auto-Batching

Retailers who use the auto-batch feature to close transaction batches each day can have it set for a time that fits their needs: after closing, or at a set time each day that meets processor cutoff times….

New: Bottle Calculation in the Register App

We’ve added a calculator function to the Register App you can use to total up redemption values as needed. Add the new custom button, Bottle Calculator, to the Register app, then tap any time to bring this…

Open Batch Settlement of Offline Transactions

Closing a batch (settling credit card transactions) that includes offline transactions is an important part of keeping your cash flow moving. We’ve offer expanded batch settlement options, including an offline transactions alert, and an Offline Sales Report….

Offline Sales Report

The Offline Sales report allows you to review payment transactions accepted while Exatouch was offline.

Schedule Reports

Exatouch makes it easy to set up and run custom and standard reports in advance. Navigate to the report work area to set up your report range and type, then tap Send Excel, Send PDF, or Send Word to…

Find an Item

Use the Register app to search for an item and add it to an order. Users with appropriate access levels can find items to get more information about an item, add or remove inventory for an item,…

New! Enter Credit Card Information Manually Directly in Exatouch

Now you can take credit card payments manually using Exatouch in addition to your existing payment devices. Simply tap the Manual CC Entry button in the payment work area, tap Pay, then enter required and optional information…

Continued User Interface Improvements

We’re always working to make Exatouch better for you and your teams. This release, we’ve made two user interface updates for occasional and frequent users.

Estimated Cash Deposit Updates

We’ve updated the Estimated Cash Deposit field, and added it to several reports and snapshots. The total for Est. Cash Deposit reflects the net cash for deposit minus all non-cash tips. If a negative number, it is…

Reports: Staff Shift

Additional columns have been added to the Staff Shift Reports: Owed to House and Owed to Staff. Pay Out Non-Cash Tips, disabled by default, controls the amounts shown in these columns.

Ring Up an Item

Ring up items by scanning them into the register, or by selecting from menu options on your Register screen. Details of your transaction may vary from these examples, but the steps to ringing up an item will be similar.

Ring Up a Miscellaneous Item

A miscellaneous sale can be used to ring up an item which is not yet in inventory.

Course Firing from the Register

Course firing allows restaurants to effectively prepare and present multi-course meals. Merchants control when food is sent to the kitchen through the use of a Fire button, giving staff the ability to provide steady and timely table…

Tax Report

Get sales tax information! This financial report summarizes sales tax dollars collected, refunded taxes, total taxes, and taxes with an applied exemption.

Find an Open Order

Find an open order at the register.

Preview Open Orders

Before you open a saved order, preview it to confirm that it is the one intended.

Process Bottle Deposits

In states such as Michigan and California, customers who purchase beverages are charged a deposit for the bottle in addition to the retail price of the beverage. After the beverage is consumed, customers return the bottle for…

How to Clock In

Clock In is recorded for timekeeping purposes.

Clock Out for Restaurants

Clock Out is recorded for timekeeping purposes. If you have not already done so, you will be prompted to declare tips when clocking out.

Batch Out for Restaurants

At the end of a shift or workday, transactions are sent to the network to be processed so funds can be deposited into the restaurant’s account. Batching out is the process of closing a batch of transactions…

Place an Order from the Register

Orders will vary based on menu options you’ve set up in Exatouch. The following steps will help you place an order from your register. Details of your order may vary, but the steps to placing an order will…

Enable “Capture All” Setting for Auto-Batches – Prior Releases

The “Capture All” setting is used by retailers who use the Auto-Batch feature to automatically close their transaction batches each day. “Capture All” tells Exatouch at what time daily batches close so reports can be reconciled properly.

How to Merge Orders

Customer orders are merged from the Get Order screen:

Enable Remote Support

Technical Support may request temporary remote access to your Exatouch system so they can better assist you. Remote access is granted with your permission for a discrete amount of time.

Create a Bank

Creating a bank is the same as setting aside a cash drawer. When a bank is created, a specific amount of money is designated before the shift starts.  During a shift, monies fluctuate.  At the end of a…

Activate Simple Mode

Simple Mode is a setting which scales down the register for easy viewing.

Close a Bank

Once a bank is swapped out, the cash drawer can be reconciled by counting the remaining cash and reviewing the shift’s financial activities. Bank Manager walks you through the reconciliation process so that you can close your…

Print a Check

When a customer meals are completed, checks are printed from the register.

Select Order Type

Restaurant establishments choose an order type at the register. Staff choose from Dine In, Take Out, Pick Up or Delivery.

Batch Out for Retailers

Batching out is the process of closing a batch of transactions for the day.  Most retailers using Exatouch opt to use the auto-batch feature, making it automatic and seamless to batch out. If a retailer chooses not…

View Table Status

From the floor plan, use the Status feature to view each table’s status.

Delivery Manager: In-House Delivery

The Delivery Manager is a simple, convenient way to manage delivery orders. View order status, customer details, and driver information on the delivery screen. Pizzerias and businesses who offer delivery services benefit from real-time delivery tracking, expedited…

Swap a Bank Out

At the end of a shift the cash drawer is removed from circulation. The process of disengaging a bank is known as “swapping the bank out”.

View Modifiers at the Register

Modifiers are either required or optional. The required modifier screen pops-up automatically when an item is rung up at the register. Optional modifiers are accessed from the Mods tab.

Process Bottle Returns

In states such as Michigan and California, customers who purchase beverages are charged a deposit for the bottle in addition to the retail price of the beverage. After the beverage is consumed, customers return the bottle for…

Swap a Bank In

After a bank is created, the bank is engaged by putting the bank into circulation. The process of engaging a bank is “swapping a bank in”. While the bank is swapped in, the original monies will fluctuate…

Delivery Manager: 3rd Party Delivery

Restaurants who have limited in-house drivers or are looking to utilize 3rd party delivery services will love using Exatouch’s Delivery Manager!  The Delivery Manager is a simple, convenient way to manage orders which are delivered by GrubHub,…

Redeem Loyalty Points

Customers redeem loyalty points for rewards at the register in the form of a dollar discount off their purchase amount.

Process Customer Payouts

Customer Payouts are processed via the Pay tab or directly at the Register via Quick Payout buttons.

Open the Bank Manager

The Bank Manager is accessed from Register’s local menu.

How to Use the Bank Manager

In Exatouch, a bank is a defined amount of money that is stored in a cash drawer for operational use throughout a shift. The Bank Manager is a feature that helps you to reconcile your cash drawer…

Price Override at the Register

While taking a customer’s order at the register, merchants are prompted to override an item price either by tapping directly on an item price or by using a custom “Price Override” button.

Override Price for an Item

The “Override Price” preference enables merchants to allow all users, regardless of access level, to change the price of a specific item or items at the Register.

How to Clock Out

Clocking Out is used for timekeeping purposes.