Using the Register App - Basics

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Ring Up Items by Fractional Quantity

Some merchants rely on selling products in fractional amounts instead of by whole item. For example, an arts and craft store might sell fabric by the half-yard rather than by the entire bolt. Hardware stores may also…

Ring Up an Item

Ring up items by scanning them into the register, or by selecting from menu options on your Register screen. Details of your transaction may vary from these examples, but the steps to ringing up an item will be similar.

Ring Up a Miscellaneous Item

A miscellaneous sale can be used to ring up an item which is not yet in inventory.

How to Clock In

Clock In is recorded for timekeeping purposes.

Place an Order from the Register

Orders will vary based on menu options you’ve set up in Exatouch. The following steps will help you place an order from your register. Details of your order may vary, but the steps to placing an order will…

Remove an Item from an Order

When ringing up a customer, items can easily be removed from an order.

Activate Simple Mode

Simple Mode is a setting which scales down the register for easy viewing.

Selecting an Order Type

Restaurant establishments can choose an order type at the Register. Perform the following to select an order type:

Print a Check

When a customer meals are completed, checks are printed from the register.

View Table Status

From the floor plan, use the Status feature to view each table’s status.

View Modifiers at the Register

Modifiers are either required or optional. The required modifier screen automatically displays when entering an item into the register. Optional modifiers are accessed from the Mods tab.

How to Clock Out

Clocking Out is used for timekeeping purposes.

Process Customer Payouts

Customer Payouts are processed via the Pay tab or directly at the Register via Quick Payout buttons.