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Custom Buttons

Merchants will love a quicker checkout when they customize their register with custom buttons! Custom buttons can be configured to execute functions, quickly add items or services to an order, and apply discounts.

Enable Dual Pricing

Merchants can use the Dual Price setting to configure separate pricing for cash payments and non-cash payments, such as debit or credit card. When Dual Price is enabled, the List Price and Cash Price both display on…

Age Verification

Age verification is easy with Exatouch. Merchants can set legal age definitions to cover the purchase of a large number of restricted sales items, such as dry ice, lottery tickets, alcohol, or tobacco products.

Enable Receipt Prompts

Enable Receipt Prompts to give you flexible options for receipt delivery at payment time: select an available receipt type to print, email a customer their receipt, print a Gift receipt, and more!

Expanded! Age Verification Options and Override Restrictions

Age Verification setup has moved to Fraud Control in Account > Settings. Accessible only by Support, work with the Support team to define the two age levels for eligible items, and to allow or deny manual override of age…

Age Verification at the Register

Exatouch makes age verification easy. Swipe or scan a state ID, or just enter a customer’s date of birth with a few touches. Age verification is triggered when you sell an item that has an assigned age…

Enable Admin Fee

  • Update: Checkout Fee is now Admin Fee. This change complies with major card brand requirements.
Retailers, restaurants, and other businesses can implement an admin fee to help with business expenditures, maintain exceptional service, and provide competitive prices….

Fine-Tune User Access Using Security Profiles

Use Security Profile controls to define and create User Types that control access to sensitive areas of Exatouch. Fine-tune user types to suit your business needs: Allow some or all user types to override pricing, limit label…

Security Profiles – Added an Open Orders Option!

We’ve added a new setting to Security Profiles: Register, Access All Open Orders. Enable to allow your staff to access all Open orders to perform Edit, Join, Print, Complete, and Void actions.

Use the Customer Kiosk

Kiosks are used to encourage customers to sign-up and participate in loyalty programs. Customers can earn points when they sign up for loyalty programs via the kiosk.  They can earn additional points just by signing into the…

Add a Business Logo to Exatouch

Add a business logo to personalize the display of your Exatouch POS system. Logos can be placed almost anywhere, including on the Customer Facing Display (CFD) or customer receipts.

Address Verification Settings

The perfect compliment to the Delivery Manager is address verification! Delivery Manager is the quintessential tool for all restaurants that offer delivery service to their customers, helping to save valuable time while delivering orders to their proper location.  Exatouch…

Customer Payout Restrictions

When customer payout restrictions are ON, customer payouts require an Admin or Power User’s PIN to process. Customer payout restrictions are ON by default.  When customer payout restrictions are OFF, no PIN is required and all staff can…

Enable Automatic Time-Out

As an enhanced security measure, Exatouch allows for automatic timeouts after the system is idle for a specific time period.

Enable Email Settings

Merchant email settings are enabled in Preferences. Exatouch is set up to integrate with POP email accounts.  Check with your system administrator for help assigning the correct POP server address and other email settings.

Enable Quick Picks

Quick Picks are items or services situated for quick access when ringing up an order.

Enable Screen Saver

Staff and clients can view your business logo or customized images as a screen saver when Exatouch is inactive.

Enable Sound Alerts

When sound alerts are enabled, a beeping sound will accompany any Exatouch function.

Add Color Options

Color is assigned to an item within an item’s record, in the Color drop-down. Available color options are defined in custom variables.

In-House Delivery Settings

In-house delivery settings include delivery fees, minimum order limits, delivery radius, and delivery hours, and are configurable under Register Preferences.

Manage Tip Settings

Group tips, the printing of suggested tips on receipts, and the application of tip pre-discount or post-discount are all managed within tip settings.

Rename Restaurant Courses

Restaurant courses are given generic names by default (i.e. Course 1, Course 2, etc…) but they can be renamed according to your restaurant model. For example, courses can be renamed: Beverages, Appetizers, Soup, Salad, Entrees, Dessert. Courses…

Set Default Order Type

Restaurants can choose which order type is selected by default at the register. For example, if a pizzeria accepts mostly delivery orders, “Delivery” can be defined as the default order type at the register. Default order type…

Set Default Register View

Choose which register screen will display by default in Register Preferences.

Set Up Email Campaigns

Create new message campaigns for marketing purposes. Set up new email distribution lists and send email blasts. Distribution lists can be customized for targeted advertising of promos, discounts, and other announcements.

Set Up Quick Payouts

Quick Payout buttons are the fastest way for retailers to process customer payouts! Specific types of payouts such as “Lotto” and “Money Orders” can be added directly to the Register through the use of custom buttons.

View your Inbox

View your inbox in the Messages module.

View Scheduled Messages

View and manage a list of scheduled messages within the Messages module.

How to Use Messages

Messages are used to communicate with clients by email. Send birthday greetings and promo alerts to individuals or groups. If you are a service-based business, the Messages module works seamlessly with the Service Scheduling module so you…

Activate Simple Mode

Simple Mode is a setting which scales down the register for easy viewing.