Exatouch Setup

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Scheduled Reports Reminder

Exatouch makes it easy to set up and run custom and standard reports in advance. We’ve added a friendly reminder to this process reminding you to leave your Exatouch environment powered up and logged in for reports…

Force User Clock Out

The Force Clock Out option ensures staff members are clocked out appropriately at the end of the business day, or at a specific time for individual users.

Import Expanded SKU Information

We’ve expanded the range of SKU information you can import into your Exatouch POS system to make adding new inventory a simple task. SKU lengths between 1 and 16 characters long can be imported, scanned, and used…

Added: Expanded Customer Facing Display (CFD) Settings

We’ve consolidated Customer Facing Display (CFD) settings in one location. From Home, navigate to Settings > Preferences > Display to make changes and upload images. Upload and preview images for Lock Screen, Receipt, CFD/Bematech, Screen Saver (Exatouch), Screen Saver (CFD)…

Updated: Checkout Fee Settings

We’ve simplified Checkout Fee settings: Tender Type Exemptions is now Apply To. Enable each tender type to apply the Checkout Fee to that tender type.  

Security Profiles – Added an Open Orders Option!

We’ve added a new setting to Security Profiles: Register, Access All Open Orders. Enable to allow your staff to access all Open orders to perform Edit, Join, Print, Complete, and Void actions.

Updated EULA Messages

Updated the message for the EULA acceptance prompt for Merchants who have not accepted the Exatouch EULA: Your license is expiring in XX days, please contact support.

EULA Acceptance Prompt

The first time you upgrade or activate our software to versions or higher, you, the Merchant, or your duly designated employee must accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) for each licensed copy of the Exatouch…