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Enable Checkout Fee Tax Settings

Exatouch includes two new settings you can use to determine how and when to collect taxes when you use a Checkout Fee.

Set Up Age Verification

Age verification is easy with Exatouch. By default, the Legal Age definitions are set at 18 and 21, covering the purchase age of a large number of restricted sales items, such as dry ice and lotto tickets,…

New Tab Auth Receipt Options

We’ve expanded your print options for Tab Auth orders: now you can limit receipt printing to save time and paperwork clutter.

Expanded! Age Verification Options and Override Restrictions

Age Verification setup has moved to Fraud Control in Account > Settings. Accessible only by Support, work with the Support team to define the two age levels for eligible items, and to allow or deny manual override of age…

Capture All for Auto-Batching

Retailers who use the auto-batch feature to close transaction batches each day can have it set for a time that fits their needs: after closing, or at a set time each day that meets processor cutoff times….

Just Added! Fraud Control: Tip Security Limits

We’ve added a new Fraud Control section to Exatouch in Settings > Account. Accessible only by Support, this feature will prevent tip amounts greater than 200% on any order, and is enabled by default. Authorized representatives of…

Open Batch Settlement of Offline Transactions

Closing a batch (settling credit card transactions) that includes offline transactions is an important part of keeping your cash flow moving. We’ve offer expanded batch settlement options, including an offline transactions alert, and an Offline Sales Report….

Offline Sales Report

The Offline Sales report allows you to review payment transactions accepted while Exatouch was offline.

Updated: Checkout Fee Settings

We’ve simplified Checkout Fee settings: Tender Type Exemptions is now Apply To. Enable each tender type to apply the Checkout Fee to that tender type.  

New! Tender Total Options for Receipts

Use Checkout Fees and Tender Discounts? With this release, your customer receipts reflect the cash and credit totals due.

Age Verification at the Register

Exatouch makes age verification easy. Swipe or scan a state ID, or just enter a customer’s date of birth with a few touches. Age verification is triggered when you sell an item that has an assigned age…

Added: Open Batch Alert

Closing your daily batch (settling your credit card transactions) is an important part of keeping your cash flow moving. We’ve added an open batch alert to ensure you remember to take this important step at least once…

Benefits of Pre-Authorization

Pre-authorization helps you offer timely bar service, seamless transactions, reduce fraud risk, and improve customer satisfaction.  Exatouch’s Tab Auth feature enables you to pre-authorize a bar tab and manage it effectively.

How to Join Tables

Sometimes customers want to join their table with another customer’s table. Tables can be joined from the Floor Plan screen:

Manage Bar Tabs with Tab Auth

The Tab Auth feature enables bars to provide exceptional customer service with the security of knowing that payments will be covered. Pre-authorize credit cards when a customer’s tab is opened, then ring up the tab easily and…

Does Exatouch Support EMV and Contactless Payments?

Yes; Exatouch has a selection of semi-integrated solutions that support the latest payment technologies, including EMV, contactless payments, and signature capture. Contact your Electronic Payments representative to determine which solution works best for your business!

Checkout Fee Scenarios

Checkout Fees give you the flexibility to design a fee that’s right for your business. Set checkout fees as a percentage of an order total, or a specific flat dollar amount. If you employ cash or other…

Enable Checkout Fee

  • Update: Customer Service Fee is now Checkout Fee. This change complies with major card brand requirements.
Retailers, restaurants and other businesses can implement a checkout fee to help with business expenditures, maintain exceptional service, and provide competitive…

Apply Cash Discounts

Cash discounting is increasingly popular with small to medium-sized businesses. Exatouch makes it easy to implement. With a few simple steps, you can provide incentive for customers who pay with cash.

Enable Cash Discounts

  • Update: Customer Service Fee is now Checkout Fee. This change complies with major card brand requirements.
Encourage your customers to pay with cash by offering a cash discount! As a retailer, restaurant, or other business, you can…

Apply Checkout Fee

Retailers, restaurants and other businesses can implement a checkout fee to help with business expenditures, maintain exceptional service, and provide competitive prices. With Exatouch Point of Sale, a checkout fee can be applied automatically as a set…

New! Enter Credit Card Information Manually Directly in Exatouch

Now you can take credit card payments manually using Exatouch in addition to your existing payment devices. Simply tap the Manual CC Entry button in the payment work area, tap Pay, then enter required and optional information…

Offline Credit Card Processing – Detect and Reconnect

Working in Offline Processing mode? Exatouch now checks for internet access  while stations are in offline mode, once every minute until access is restored. When a check restores internet access, the Register app returns to online processing…

Item Details Tab: Placeholders

Several inactive items have been added to the Details tab, including E-WIC Eligible, EBT Eligible, and Make Available Online.

Apply Discounts to Each Tender Type

Apply discounts to each tender type you accept. Show your customers these discounts on purchase receipts with easy to set up messages.

Batch Out for Restaurants

At the end of a shift or workday, transactions are sent to the network to be processed so funds can be deposited into the restaurant’s account. Batching out is the process of closing a batch of transactions…

Enable “Capture All” Setting for Auto-Batches – Prior Releases

The “Capture All” setting is used by retailers who use the Auto-Batch feature to automatically close their transaction batches each day. “Capture All” tells Exatouch at what time daily batches close so reports can be reconciled properly.

Difference between Custom Buttons and Custom Variables

Custom buttons affect the register, allowing you to create specialized buttons on your register interface. Custom variables affect data fields within Exatouch, such as Item’s Details or Customer Details. Definitions of custom variables can create additional opportunities…

Set Up Age Verification – Prior Releases

Legal ages for the purchase of items such as alcohol and tobacco vary by state and location. The first step to setting up age verification is defining legal ages within the system. Then age verification is enabled…

Manage Tip Settings

Group tips, the printing of suggested tips on receipts, and the application of tip pre-discount or post-discount are all managed within tip settings.

Tab Auth Set Up

Provide excellent customer service with the Tab Auth feature! Pre-authorize customer credit cards, process pre-approved tab transactions, and close tabs quickly and easily. Tab Auth is available for restaurants, including bars, lounges, and table service establishments.

Email Settings for E-Receipts

To ensure merchants don’t have to rely on their own email settings, Exatouch uses a designated email address within “POS Cloud” by default. This makes receipt delivery more reliable than ever! End users can still enter their…

Accept a Variety of Payment Types in the Register App

The Quick Pay options in the Register app allow you to quickly and easily process simple payment transactions: Credit, Debit, Cash, and Tab Auth (if used). To split payments, accept gift cards, apply rewards points, or perform…

Accept Payment Directly in the Register App

Accept payments quickly and easily using Exatouch Quick Pay directly in the Register app. Accept Cash, Credit, and Debit payments. If in use, close out Tab Authorizations as well.    

Accept Split Payments

Exatouch allows you to accept multiple payments and multiple payment types for a single order or check. Using the Pay work area in the Register app, you can easily split a check or order in several ways.

Split Orders or Checks by Item

Split orders or checks Using Exatouch Point of Sale. Retail, restaurant, and salon clientele can pay for specific items with different tender types, and restaurants can split checks by seat or other configuration. Simply move items to…

Apply a Group Tip

Group tips are easily applied to a customer’s order at the Register.  Group tip is enabled in Register Preferences.

Adjust for Tips on an Order

A tip left on a tip line of a merchant copy receipt is added on the Complete Auth screen.  Adjusting the tip completes the Auth.

Batch Out for Retailers

Batching out is the process of closing a batch of transactions for the day.  Most retailers using Exatouch opt to use the auto-batch feature, making it automatic and seamless to batch out. If a retailer chooses not…