Tips & Tip Adjustment

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Group tips? Tip suggestions? Apply tips pre- or post-discount? Our flexible tip options can be customized to suit your restaurant, deli, or QSR/Delivery needs.

Deduct Fees from Tips

We’ve made it easier to manage tips. Merchants can now adjust credit and debit tips using the Deduct Fee From Tips setting. This setting addresses dual price increases to credit and debit payments.

Capture All for Auto-Batching

Retailers who use the auto-batch feature to close transaction batches each day can have it set for a time that fits their needs: after closing, or at a set time each day that meets processor cutoff times….

Fraud Control: Tip Security Limits

Exatouch has a Fraud Control feature in Settings > Account which will prevent tip amounts greater than 200% on any order. This feature is enabled by default, and is accessible only by Support. Authorized representatives of your…

Manage Bar Tabs with Tab Auth

The Tab Auth feature enables bars to provide exceptional customer service with the security of knowing that payments will be covered. Pre-authorize credit cards when a customer’s tab is opened, then ring up the tab easily and…

Manage Tip Settings

Group tips, the printing of suggested tips on receipts, and the application of tip pre-discount or post-discount are all managed within tip settings.

Adjust for Tips on an Order

A tip left on a tip line of a merchant copy receipt is added on the Complete Auth screen.  Adjusting the tip completes the Auth.

Apply a Group Tip

Group tips are easily applied to a customer’s order at the Register.  Group tip is enabled in Register Preferences.