Batch Processing

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Open Batch Alerts

Batches refer to online and offline credit card transactions that remain open. Closing a batch settles these transactions and is important in keeping your cash flow moving. The Open Batch Alert feature reminds merchants to settle open…

Capture All for Auto-Batching

Retailers who use the auto-batch feature to close transaction batches each day can have it set for a time that fits their needs: after closing, or at a set time each day that meets processor cutoff times….

Open Batch Settlement of Offline Transactions

Closing a batch (settling credit card transactions) that includes offline transactions is an important part of keeping your cash flow moving. We’ve offer expanded batch settlement options, including an offline transactions alert, and an Offline Sales Report….

Batch Out for Restaurants

At the end of a shift or workday, transactions are sent to the network to be processed so funds can be deposited into the restaurant’s account. Batching out is the process of closing a batch of transactions…

Batch Out for Retailers

Batching out is the process of closing a batch of transactions for the day.  Most retailers using Exatouch opt to use the auto-batch feature, making it automatic and seamless to batch out. If a retailer chooses not…