Taking Payments

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Exatouch supports a variety of tenders and payment combinations. Split single orders into multiple orders, accept multiple payments on a single order, and more! Flexible options keep payment acceptance smooth and easy with minimal touch options.

Tag Along Enhancements

It’s now easier than ever to ensure checks are properly calculated when adding tag alongs to discounted or promotional items. With this release, merchants can use the Item Details page to configure whether to allow discounts or…

Updated: Customer Check Enhancements

We’ve added Item Price and the Admin Fee to customer checks when the Dual Price feature is enabled. When Dual Price is not enabled, the customer check displays the item price with no additional fees included.

EBT Payment Updates

We’ve updated how EBT payments are made. With this update, EBT Cash and EBT Food functions are enabled independently. EBT Cash and EBT Food payments can also be added as payment options on the Register.

Split Payment Enhancements

We’ve simplified the split payment process to help you ring up orders smoothly when spilt payments are involved. Use the Split By payment option in the Pay work area to process split payments one at a time.

New: Split Payment Calculations

We’ve simplified split payments by recalculating the total bill after each split payment is processed until the balance has been fully paid. The Quick Pay setting has also been removed from the Register.

Update: Admin Fee Setting

We’ve streamlined fee settings. Checkout Fee is now Admin Fee in all tabs, forms, reports, and tickets.

Tab Auth Receipt Options

Print option settings for Tab Auth orders enable you to save time and paperwork clutter by limiting receipt printing.

New! Tender Total Options for Receipts

Use Checkout Fees and Tender Discounts? With this release, your customer receipts reflect the cash and credit totals due.

How to Join Tables

Sometimes customers want to join their table with another customer’s table. Tables with open orders can be joined from the Floor Plan screen. Tables must have open orders associated with them before they can be joined:

Manage Bar Tabs with Tab Auth

The Tab Auth feature enables bars to provide exceptional customer service with the security of knowing that payments will be covered. Pre-authorize credit cards when a customer’s tab is opened, then ring up the tab easily and…

Benefits of Pre-Authorization

Pre-authorization helps you offer timely bar service, seamless transactions, reduce fraud risk, and improve customer satisfaction.  Exatouch’s Tab Auth feature enables you to pre-authorize a bar tab and manage it effectively.

Does Exatouch Support EMV and Contactless Payments?

Yes; Exatouch has a selection of semi-integrated solutions that support the latest payment technologies, including EMV, contactless payments, and signature capture. Contact your Electronic Payments representative to determine which solution works best for your business!

Admin Fee Scenarios

Admin Fees give you the flexibility to design a fee that’s right for your business. Set admin fees as a percentage of an order total, or a specific flat dollar amount. If you employ cash or other…

Enter Credit Card Information Manually Directly in Exatouch

Credit card payments may be entered manually using Exatouch in addition to your existing payment devices. Simply tap the Manual CC Entry button in the payment work area, tap Pay, then enter required and optional information to…

Item Details Tab: Placeholders

Several inactive items have been added to the Details tab, including E-WIC Eligible, EBT Eligible, and Make Available Online.

Tab Auth Set Up

Provide excellent customer service with the Tab Auth feature! Pre-authorize customer credit cards, process pre-approved tab transactions, and close tabs quickly and easily. Tab Auth is available for restaurants, including bars, lounges, and table service establishments.

Accept a Variety of Payment Types in the Register App

The Quick Pay options in the Register app allow you to quickly and easily process simple payment transactions: Credit, Debit, Cash, and Tab Auth (if used). To split payments, accept gift cards, apply rewards points, or perform…

Split Orders or Checks by Item

Split orders or checks Using Exatouch Point of Sale. Retail, restaurant, and salon clientele can pay for specific items with different tender types, and restaurants can split checks by seat or other configuration. Simply move items to…

Email Settings for E-Receipts

To ensure merchants don’t have to rely on their own email settings, Exatouch uses a designated email address within “POS Cloud” by default. This makes receipt delivery more reliable than ever! End users can still enter their…

Accept Payment Directly in the Register App

Accept payments quickly and easily using Exatouch Quick Pay directly in the Register app. Accept Cash, Credit, and Debit payments. If in use, close out Tab Authorizations as well.    

Accept Split Payments

Exatouch allows you to accept multiple payments and multiple payment types for a single order or check. Using the Pay work area in the Register app, you can easily split a check or order. Use the Split…