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Custom Buttons: Special Functions at the Register – Prior Releases

Exatouch gives you the ability to add Special Functions to your Register!  Special Functions include:  Order Type, Club, To-Go Item, Print To-Go, Quick Payout, Price Override, Undo Checkout Fee (Customer Service Fee), and Tax Exempt Item. By…

Modify Bulk Items – Prior Releases

Groups of Items can be modified in bulk, making price modification and category changes a breeze! Use the “Modify all list items” function to accomplish these tasks.

Create Category Level Promos – Prior Release

Promos can be applied to a group of items related by category. Category Level Promos can be run during specific hours during the day, for a specific time period.

Create Item Level Promos – Prior Releases

Item Level Promos are promotions applied to a single item. Promos can be run during specific hours during the day, for a specific time period.

Create Labels for Items – Prior Releases

Print labels easily and seamlessly for your items with Exatouch. When you select your Exatouch hardware bundle, select from printers which print Avery labels and/or labels with price barcodes and SKU numbers. See: Which label printers are supported…

Create Subcategory Level Promos – Prior Releases

Promos can be applied to a group of items related by subcategory. Subcategory Level Promos can be run during specific hours during the day, for a specific time period.

Find an Item – Prior Releases

Search for an item at the Register or within in the Items Module. Within the Items Module, Items List can be accessed directly, or Items List can be accessed from within Items Details.

Create Categories and Subcategories – Prior Releases

Organizing items and services by category and subcategory is helpful on many levels: Find items grouped by category and subcategory more easily at the register. Create Category and Subcategory-level promos.  Some reports present data by category and subcategory….

Modify Stock Type – Prior Releases

Stock Type can be set globally or individually. When you set a stock type, items in your system will automatically default to that type. Different stock types can be applied to individual items as needed.

Generate SKU Numbers Locally – Prior Releases

Local SKU numbers or Alt SKU numbers can be assigned to an item in Exatouch regardless of whether the item has a manufacturer’s SKU number assigned. For example, you can assign a local SKU number to a…

Modify Inventory Level – Prior Releases

There are several ways to modify your inventory level; the simplest way is to modify inventory through the Item Details screen.  

Set Default Vendor for an Item – Prior Releases

In Exatouch, items are always linked to vendors and items are always assigned a default vendor. If no vendor is assigned to an item, your system will create a default vendor called No Vendor. If only one…

Add Items to Vendor Supply List – Prior Releases

When creating a purchase order, items are selected from the vendor’s list of available items. Sometimes vendors begin carrying additional items for purchase, or a vendor’s item list may not be complete. After reviewing your vendor’s items…

Add a Vendor – Prior Releases

Vendors are suppliers of goods. Keeping accurate vendor records will enable you to manage inventory and create purchase orders. In Exatouch, items are ordered from vendors who supply them.

Enable “Capture All” Setting for Auto-Batches – Prior Releases

The “Capture All” setting is used by retailers who use the Auto-Batch feature to automatically close their transaction batches each day. “Capture All” tells Exatouch at what time daily batches close so reports can be reconciled properly.

Enable Receipt Prompts – Prior Releases

Receipt prompts allow merchants the flexibility to choose how to deliver customer receipts at the time of payment. This feature is enabled in Print Preferences.

Happy Hour Specials: Use Promo Layers – Prior Releases

Restaurants and bars create happy hour specials using promo layers.  Promo layers allow you to “layer” times and values onto a promo, so you can create a series of promos which apply during specific hours during the…

Enable Cash Discounts – Prior Releases

Incentivize customers to pay with cash by offering a cash discount! Retailers, restaurants, and other businesses can automatically apply a cash discount as a percentage discount to a customer’s total purchase.

Deactivate Discounts and Promos – Prior Releases

Promos, discounts and coupons are designed to have a start date and an end date. Some discounts and promos run on an ongoing basis. While many discounts and promos naturally run their course, sometimes it is useful to…

View your Inbox

View your inbox in the Messages module.

Set Up Age Verification – Prior Releases

Legal ages for the purchase of items such as alcohol and tobacco vary by state and location. The first step to setting up age verification is defining legal ages within the system. Then age verification is enabled…

Manage Promo Preferences – Prior Releases

Promos are applied to items or to groups of items automatically when a customer pays for their order. By default, promotional discounts appear on the register as items are rung up. Application of promos at the register…

Print Settings – Prior Releases

Receipt details, report printing, and remote printer options are all modified in Print Settings. The print module is tabbed so you can easily modify printer and receipt settings.  

Modify Snapshot Preferences – Prior Releases

“Snapshot” and “Snapshot by Station” reports give you a quick overview of business data directly from your receipt printer. Snapshot reports are customized in Print Settings.  

Modify Staff Shift Report Preferences – Prior Releases

“Staff Shift” report gives you a quick overview of staff shift data directly from your receipt printer. The Staff Shift report is a snapshot report which can be customized in Print Settings.  

“Tax Exempt Item” Custom Button – Prior Releases

Easily apply tax exemption to individual items or to groups of items by placing a dedicated “Tax exempt item” custom button directly on the register! This is useful for retailers who supply products to resellers.

Apply an Open Discount – Prior Releases

Open Discounts are created “on the fly” and applied to an entire order. For example, a manager may apply a $10 complimentary discount because an order was received late.  

Apply an Item Discount – Prior Releases

Item discounts are applied to a single item or to multiple items at the Register. For example, a local Italian eatery offers 10% off select seafood entrees. Apply an item discount at the Register or while reviewing…

Age Verification at the Register – Prior Releases

  • Version Information: This article applies to older versions of Exatouch.
  • Newer version? See: Age Verification at the Register
Exatouch makes age verification quick and simple, only requiring customers to verify their age only during a transaction. Different age requirements can be…

Add an Item – Prior Releases

Within Exatouch, an item is an offering that a merchant provides to their customer. Your business’s list of items makes up your inventory and populates your menu.

Reprint Receipts – Prior Releases

Any receipt for a closed order that has been paid for can be reprinted using the Reprint function, located on the register’s local menu.

Split Payment by Item – Prior Releases

Customers may want to pay for specific items with different tender. Payments are split from the Register, by moving items to a different “order” so the sale can be processed with different tender.

Split a Payment – Prior Releases

Customers may want to split the payment for their purchase with a combination of cash, credit or check. Tender is split from the register’s Pay screen.