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DeliverMe Dashboard Settings

This section contains information and procedures about system administrator level functions of the DeliverMe online ordering site. While many of these procedures are performed by your Electronic Payments Support team, merchants can also configure settings to meet…

Integrating DeliverMe and Exatouch

DeliverMe’s online ordering website gives customers more ways to submit orders for pickup and delivery. The Exatouch POS integrates seamlessly with the DeliverMe online ordering platform, which offers more ways for customers to submit orders for pickup…

Send SMS Messages From Delivery Manager

Send SMS messages related to delivery and pickup orders for all customers quickly and easily. Enabled by default, Send SMS sends your customer appropriate SMS updates about their order. Disable to prevent SMS messages related to delivery and…

Added Tip Column to Delivery Manager for Delivery Orders

We’ve expanded the information available in Delivery Manager for delivery orders. A new column, Tip, shows any cash or credit amount added as a tip to an order when users perform complete and pay tasks for delivery…

Convenience Fee for DeliverMe

(NOTE: THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE 2020 RELEASE NOTES ARCHIVE. YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED.) We’ve added a new, optional flat-rate Convenience Fee in your Exatouch Point of Sale system you can apply to prepaid orders…

Set Pickup and Delivery Settings

Use the pickup and delivery work area to set up times, zones, fees, and other settings that generally define when your business starts accepting pickup and delivery orders.

Set Up Expanded Pickup, Delivery, and DeliverMe Online Ordering Options

Expanded pickup and delivery options give your customers more ways to submit orders for pickup and delivery. When you integrate with DeliverMe online ordering, customers can conveniently submit orders for immediate or future pickup and delivery.

Define Your Pickup and Delivery Workflow

When you expand your offerings to include pickup and delivery orders, defining your pickup and delivery settings is one part of setting up your pickup and delivery workflow. If you add online ordering through DeliverMe, many of…

Delivery Reports

Delivery reports provide valuable insights into all types of in-house and third-party delivery orders. Reports are organized by order, date, vendor, customers, and more!

Delivery Status Report

The Delivery Status Report provides a detailed look into delivery order statuses, allowing managers to improve bottlenecks in the delivery process. This report is accessed directly from the Delivery Manager.

Add 3rd Party Services to the Delivery Manager

Exatouch’s Delivery module is compatible with 3rd party delivery services. Add delivery services to the Delivery Manager in Register Preferences.

In-House Delivery Settings

In-house delivery settings include delivery fees, minimum order limits, delivery radius, and delivery hours, and are configurable under Register Preferences.

Delivery Manager: In-House Delivery

The Delivery Manager is a simple, convenient way to manage delivery orders. View order status, customer details, and driver information on the delivery screen. Pizzerias and businesses who offer delivery services benefit from real-time delivery tracking, expedited…

Delivery Manager: 3rd Party Delivery

Restaurants with limited in-house drivers or looking to utilize 3rd party delivery services will love using Exatouch’s Delivery Manager! The Delivery Manager is a simple, convenient way to manage orders delivered by GrubHub, UberEats, and other delivery services….