Delivery Orders

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New! Convenience Fee for DeliverMe

We’ve added a new, optional flat-rate Convenience Fee in your Exatouch Point of Sale system you can apply to prepaid orders placed using DeliverMe. This fee helps you cover costs incurred by offering online ordering, pickup, and…

Delivery Report

Delivery reports provide valuable insights into all types of in-house and third-party delivery orders. Reports are organized by order, date, vendor, customers, and more!

In-House Delivery Settings

In-house delivery settings include delivery fees, minimum order limits, delivery radius, and delivery hours.

Delivery Manager: 3rd Party Delivery

Restaurants who have limited in-house drivers or are looking to utilize 3rd party delivery services will love using Exatouch’s Delivery Manager!  The Delivery Manager is a simple, convenient way to manage orders which are delivered by GrubHub,…