Receipt Printing

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SMS Receipts from the Register

Merchants can configure Printer Settings to send SMS receipts to customers from the Register app. By text messaging receipts, merchants save money by reducing paper costs. Customers also don’t have to worry about losing paper receipts.

Send Orders to the Kitchen

Restaurant employees can quickly and accurately send orders to remote printers with the Send Order button, found on the Register app.

Email Customer Receipts

Email customers their receipts using the Register app at payment time or later, as needed.

Reprint Receipts

Use Reprint to print a receipt for any closed, paid order. Add this button to the Register app in a convenient location, such as the submenu or other standard button location. To make the Reprint button available in…

Enable Receipt Prompts

Enable Receipt Prompts to give you flexible options for receipt delivery at payment time: select an available receipt type to print, email a customer their receipt, print a Gift receipt, and more!

Print Manager

The printers integrated with your Exatouch Point of Sale system are set up by our professional support team for ease of installation and use. Use the Printer Settings work area to manage your printers, customize receipts, tickets,…

Email Settings for E-Receipts

To ensure merchants don’t have to rely on their own email settings, Exatouch uses a designated email address within “POS Cloud” by default. This makes receipt delivery more reliable than ever! End users can still enter their…

Print a Check

When a customer meals are completed, checks are printed from the register.