Remote Printing

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Email Customer Receipts

Email customers their receipts using the Register app at payment time or later, as needed.

New! Print Modifiers to Specific Printers

We’ve expanded printing options for your item modifiers. Previously, modifiers printed to the printer assigned to the parent item. A parent item of a steak entrée, for example, accompanied by a salad modifier, would print to the…

Just Added: Pickup and Delivery Time on Receipts!

Keep pickup and delivery times handy with our updated order receipts. Now the pickup and delivery times are printed directly on kitchen receipts, delivery tickets, and customer receipts.

Print Settings

The printers integrated with your Exatouch Point of Sale system are set up by our professional support team for ease of installation and use. Use the Printer Settings work area to manage your printers, customize receipts, tickets,…

New Setting — Remote Printer Names

Keep track of orders split across multiple workstations at a glance using a new remote print option, Print Remote Printer Names. Enabled by default, this setting adds the printer names to remote order tickets. These names help your…

Set Up Course Firing Printer Preferences

Restaurants provide steady and timely table service for multi-course meals through the use of course firing. Course firing allows restaurants to control when food is sent to the kitchen to be prepared. Enable course firing in Settings.