View your Inbox

View your inbox in the Messages module.

Enable Screen Saver

Staff and clients can view your business logo or customized images as a screen saver when Exatouch is inactive.

Enable Receipt Prompts – Prior Releases

Receipt prompts allow merchants the flexibility to choose how to deliver customer receipts at the time of payment. This feature is enabled in Print Preferences.

Customer Payout Restrictions

When customer payout restrictions are ON, customer payouts require an Admin or Power User’s PIN to process. Customer payout restrictions are ON by default.  When customer payout restrictions are OFF, no PIN is required and all staff can…

Create Special Instruction Modifiers

“Special Instructions” are bundled with MODS to provide additional information for kitchen staff. This additional information is merely instructional and does not change the application of MODS at the register.

Create Instruction Modifiers

“Instructions” provide additional direction on how to apply MODS to an order. This is especially helpful for restaurants who communicate specific instructions to kitchen staff before an order is prepared.

Activate Simple Mode

Simple Mode is a setting which scales down the register for easy viewing.