Reassign a Table

Tables with orders attached can be reassigned to another wait staff member.

Ring Up Quick Picks

Select Quick Pick items to quickly build your customer’s order.

Link a Customer to an Order

Consistent linking of customers to their orders builds a robust customer database that you can use to track customer preferences and ensure accurate reporting. These tools help you create a better customer experience.

Print a Check

When a customer meals are completed, checks are printed from the register.

How to Use the Bank Manager

In Exatouch, a bank is a defined amount of money that is stored in a cash drawer for operational use throughout a shift. The Bank Manager is a feature that helps you to reconcile your cash drawer…

Floor Plan Views

The floor plan gives you a tangible view of your table setup and quick information about table assignments, order information, and table status. Floor plan is accessible directly from the register by selecting the Floor Plan tab….

Open the Bank Manager

The Bank Manager is accessed from Register’s local menu.