Preview Open Orders

Before you open a saved order, preview it to confirm that it is the one intended.

Swap a Bank Out

At the end of a shift the cash drawer is removed from circulation. The process of disengaging a bank is known as “swapping the bank out.”

Reprint Receipts – Prior Releases

Any receipt for a closed order that has been paid for can be reprinted using the Reprint function, located on the register’s local menu.

Ring Up an Item

Ring up items by scanning them into the register, or by selecting from menu options on your Register screen. Details of your transaction may vary from these examples, but the steps to ringing up an item will be similar.

Ring Up a Miscellaneous Item

A miscellaneous sale can be used to ring up an item which is not yet in inventory.

Create a Staff Work Schedule

Work schedules for staff members are set up in the Staff module and are booked in one-week increments.

Enter a New Customer

Better monitor customer purchases and preferences by keeping accurate customer records.

What is a Modifier?

A modifier is an item which further describes or amends a customer’s order.

Label a Modifier Group

Modifier Groups can be labeled, making it easier to identify and organize required modifiers.