Floor Plans & Table Management

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Floor Plan Designer

Floor Plan Designer provides merchants with many options for creating floor plans. Merchants can design up to five zones to represent various floor plans of their establishment. Floor Plan Designer makes creating dining, patio, special event, and…

“Reassign” and “Take” Server Orders

Restaurants will enjoy the ease of reassigning or taking orders, even outside of the floor plan! The Take and Reassign custom buttons allow employees to take or reassign customer orders directly at the Register. Reassign allows a…

How to Join Tables

Sometimes customers want to join their table with another customer’s table. Tables with open orders can be joined from the Floor Plan screen. Tables must have open orders associated with them before they can be joined:

Rename Restaurant Courses

Restaurant courses are given generic names by default (i.e. Course 1, Course 2, etc…) but they can be renamed according to your restaurant model. For example, courses can be renamed: Beverages, Appetizers, Soup, Salad, Entrees, Dessert. Courses…

Course Firing from the Floor Plan

Course Firing enables restaurants to effectively prepare and present multi-course meals.  Merchants control when food is sent to the kitchen through the use of a Fire button, giving staff the ability to provide steady and timely table…

View Floor Plan

Access the floor plan from the Register.

View Table Status

From the floor plan, use the Status feature to view each table’s status.

Reassign a Table

(NOTE: THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE “REASSIGN” AND “TAKE” SERVER ORDERS ARTICLE. YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED.) Tables with orders attached can be reassigned to another wait staff member.

Floor Plan Views

The floor plan gives you a tangible view of your table setup and quick information about table assignments, order information, and table status. Floor plan is accessible directly from the register by selecting the Floor Plan tab….