Time Clock Management

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Staff Report Summaries

Staff Reports pull together data about your staff from your Exatouch database. To run or set up a report to print or email, navigate from Home to Reports > Staff. Select a date range, provide other information, such as staff name…

Payroll Report

Use the Payroll report to generate time and pay amount information to share with your payroll department in a quick and easy format.

New Report: Payroll Report

We’ve added a new staff report: Payroll report. Use it to generate information to share with your payroll department in a quick and easy format.

New Feature: Force User Clock Out

We’ve added force clock out options to ensure staff members are clocked out appropriately at the end of the business day, or at a specific time for individual users.

How to Clock In

Clock In is recorded for timekeeping purposes.

Adjust a Time Clock Entry

The time clock captures an employee’s paid working hours. Time is tracked when employees clock in and clock out. Sometimes employees forget to clock in or out, or clock in only after they start working their shift. In…

Clock Out for Restaurants

Clock Out is recorded for timekeeping purposes. If you have not already done so, you will be prompted to declare tips when clocking out.

Manage the Time Clock

Paid time is recorded when employees clock in and clock out.  Paid breaks are tracked by clocking out for a break and clocking in from a break.  These time entries are recorded on in the Time Clock…

Log into Exatouch

Welcome to Exatouch! You will be prompted to log in when you first activate the system.

How to Clock Out

Clocking Out is used for timekeeping purposes.