Sales Reports

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Business Overview Reports

The Business Overview report provides a comprehensive snapshot of transactions from within a designated time period. These reports are of great importance for merchants as they include critical sales data impacting sales, orders, revenue, taxes, and much…

Sales Report Summaries

Sales Reports pull together data about your sales from your Exatouch database. To run or set up a report to print or email, navigate from Home to Reports > Sales. Select a date range, provide other information as needed,…

Promos & Discounts Report

The Promos & Discounts report gives you a broad look at all items sold below established retail cost. Items are grouped by discount type, such as item level promotions, discounts on entire orders, and more!

Ratings Reports

Two customer experience ratings reports detail the scores left by customers who use your touchscreen customer facing display.

Offline Sales Report

The Offline Sales report allows you to review payment transactions accepted while Exatouch was offline.

Tender Discount & Fees Report

  • Warning: Exatouch versions 8.352 and earlier may not fully comply with recently implemented card brand requirements. Electronic Payments, Inc. strongly recommends you update to the latest version of Exatouch to meet these requirements.
The Tender Discount & Fees…

Taxes Report

Get sales tax information! This financial report summarizes sales tax dollars collected, refunded taxes, total taxes, and taxes with an applied exemption.

Snapshot and Station Snapshot Reports

Snapshot and Station Snapshot Reports give you a quick overview of your business data directly from your receipt printer.

Item Code Report

This report displays all liquor items sold with associated item codes, relevant for Michigan liquor merchants.

Sales by Location Report

The Sales by Location report allows merchants to see which staff members placed an order from a specific table location.