Quick Payouts

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Updated Pay In/Out Report

We’ve expanded the Pay In/Out report to group and specify payments in and out on a per-station basis for environments running one or more Exatouch stations.  

New: Bottle Calculation in the Register App

We’ve added a calculator function to the Register App you can use to total up redemption values as needed. Add the new custom button, Bottle Calculator, to the Register app, then tap any time to bring this…

Customer Payout Restrictions

When customer payout restrictions are ON, customer payouts require an Admin or Power User’s PIN to process. Customer payout restrictions are ON by default.  When customer payout restrictions are OFF, no PIN is required and all staff can…

Set Up Quick Payouts

Quick Payout buttons are the fastest way for retailers to process customer payouts! Specific types of payouts such as “Lotto” and “Money Orders” can be added directly to the Register through the use of custom buttons.