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Hardware Installation

These procedures provide instructions on installing the hardware components of your Exatouch Point of Sale (POS) system. Instructions follow best practices to facilitate a successful installation and operation of Exatouch. The Exatouch POS system allows users to…

Enable Training Mode

Training Mode is used to learn new features in your system, or to train a new employee. Training Mode acts as a “sandbox” that you can “play in” without affecting your real-time data. For example, in Training…

Exit Training Mode

Training Mode is a great tool for learning Exatouch and for training new employees! Any changes made while in Training Mode will not stick, so don’t forget to exit when training is complete.

Schedule Your Installation and Training

Ensure your transition to Exatouch Point of Sale is a smooth one! As an Exatouch client, you’ll receive a complimentary over-the-phone installation and training with our product experts to help expedite set up and get you up…