Helpful Hardware Accessories

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Hardware Installation

These procedures provide instructions on installing the hardware components of your Exatouch Point of Sale (POS) system. Instructions follow best practices to facilitate a successful installation and operation of Exatouch. The Exatouch POS system allows users to…

Zebra GK420d Printer Added for Labels

(NOTE: THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE 2022 RELEASE NOTES ARCHIVE. YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED.) The Zebra GK420d label printer helps improve printing speeds and eliminates wasted labels with Auto Cut capability.

Citizen Receipt Printer Added

(NOTE: THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE 2022 RELEASE NOTES ARCHIVE. YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED.) The Citizen CT-E351 thermal receipt printer offers more flexibility and additional hardware options for merchants.

Weighing Scales

Our digital weighing scales are essential for obtaining accurate portion measurements. Discover which scale is ideal for your business.

Barcode Scanners

Perfect for managing inventory and optimizing the checkout experience, Exatouch’s selection of barcode scanners enable you to quickly read printed and electronic barcodes. With a reliable barcode scanner, you’ll be able to: Expedite checkout – quickly ring…

Label Printers & Labels

Exatouch’s label printers are integral to small business operations and can help you improve efficiency, enhance customer service, and cut costs. Discover how!

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Exatouch Point of Sale’s integrated kitchen display system (KDS) helps restaurants and QSRs streamline operations, improve service, and increase revenues! A KDS enables you to: Save on paper – Eliminate paper tickets with a clean, digital KDS!…


Tablets bring additional mobility and flexibility to retailers and restaurants. Read on to see how a tablet upgrade can help you streamline and automate processes in your daily business operations!