Exatouch Point of Sale Features (March 2021)

This list is intended to be a quick reference guide. It does not incorporate all capabilities and features available in the Exatouch Point of Sale system. If you have questions regrading a specific capability or feature, please schedule a call or a demo online: https://calendly.com/electronicpayments.
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

Accept all major credit/debit cards
Support for chip cards/contactless transactions (EMV/NFC)
Tip adjust on EMV transactions
Free gift card processing
Mobile processing
Pay-at-table/curbside payments
QR Code Receipts — Scan to Pay
Signature capture
Line busting
Cash discounting
Next day funding
Single deposit for all card types
Offline processing
Lotto Payouts
Customer Payouts
(Updated March 1, 2021)

Fast and easy customer checkout
Simple, intuitive register
Customizable register buttons
Quick item sale/ring up
Modify quick lock and PIN timeout settings
Automatic label printing
Receipt printing
Configure remote printer options (bar, kitchen, etc.)
Scale integration
Barcode scanner options for fast checkout/inventory
10″ touchscreen customer facing display (CFD)
Affordable POS bundles
Back office management
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

Real time inventory tracking
Inventory receiving tool
Item variants / matrix-level inventory
Low inventory alerts
Support for multiple SKUs per item
Multi-pack items and bulk breakdown
Quick product lookup
Reorder reports: prevent stock depletion
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

Preset menus for special occasions, holidays, and more
And and define item modifiers
Modifier rollup
Real time item tracking
Low item alerts
(Updated Nov 16, 2020)

Support for dine in, pickup, delivery, and takeout orders
Bar tabs and tab authorization
Tableside ordering
Coursing — control firing times
Special instructions
Split or join checks — by item or amounts
Fresh Sheet
Email receipts
Price overrides
Automatic age verification
Kitchen Display System (KDS)
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

Multizone table mapping, custom floor plan
Assign tables to specific servers
Track table status
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

Caller ID
View customer order history
Address verification
Set delivery radius parameters
Set delivery fees and mileage options
Support for 3rd party delivery accounts (Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.)
DeliverMe Online Ordering — coming soon
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

Recurring promotions and deals
Item level discounts
Buy one, get one
Mix and match
Happy Hour specials
Item and category level promos
Frequent buyer discounts
Loyalty program
Rewards and incentives
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

Store customer data
Store customer purchase history
SMS, text, and email options
Email campaigns
Birthday greetings
Customer visit tracking
Identify top customers
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

Support for clubs and memberships
Loyalty and member pricing
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

Set shifts and schedules
Assign services to employees
Match customers with employees
Time blocking
Appointment status
Integration with staff schedules
Appointment confirmations
Follow up and appointment reminders
Rebook from history
Client notes
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

Employee access cards and PIN
Employee scheduling
Payroll reconciliation
Access and permission controls
Define staff and user types
Customer payouts
Sales performance
Employee activity
Split shifts
Tip reporting
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

Link items to vendor
Create purchase orders
Email purchase orders to vendor
Reconcile deliveries
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

General tax rates
Per unit tax rates
Individual item or service tax rates
Pre- and post-tax rates
Tax exempt items
Specialty tax
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

Automatically email reports to one or multiple addresses
POS Cloud dashboard — live sales data
Item movement
(Updated Oct 20, 2020)

Google Maps (Delivery Manager)
Scan Data Loyalty Program
Scan Data Reporting Program
Factor4 Loyalty Program
Whozz Calling Caller ID
Support for State of Ohio Liquor Modernization Project (LMP)
Support for Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
Support for State of Michigan Liquor Control Board

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