Loyalty Rewards Preview

(NOTE: THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE RELEASE NOTES PRIOR TO 2020 ARCHIVE. YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED.) Exatouch has yet another way to promote your loyalty program and keep customers coming back! Loyalty reward points can…

Set Up Customer Loyalty Program

The Customer Loyalty Program is a point-based program where customers gain points from purchases. Customers redeem points for rewards at the register in the form of a discount off their purchase amount. Loyalty program is set up…

Check Loyalty Balance

Loyalty rewards balance can be viewed at the register and/or on a customer’s profile.

Earn Loyalty Points

Customers earn loyalty points by purchasing eligible items or services at the register.

Redeem Loyalty Points

Customers redeem loyalty points for rewards at the register in the form of a dollar discount off their purchase amount.

Loyalty Summary Report

Track loyalty points for all customers participating in the Customer Loyalty Program. View points earned, redeemed, expired and available in one convenient location! This report is available for merchants with an active Loyalty program.

Use the Customer Kiosk

Kiosks are used to encourage customers to sign-up and participate in loyalty programs. Customers can earn points when they sign up for loyalty programs via the kiosk.  They can earn additional points just by signing into the…