Apply an Item Discount – Prior Releases

Item discounts are applied to a single item or to multiple items at the Register. For example, a local Italian eatery offers 10% off select seafood entrees. Apply an item discount at the Register or while reviewing…

Apply an Open Discount – Prior Releases

Open Discounts are created “on the fly” and applied to an entire order. For example, a manager may apply a $10 complimentary discount because an order was received late.  

Deactivate Discounts and Promos – Prior Releases

Promos, discounts and coupons are designed to have a start date and an end date. Some discounts and promos run on an ongoing basis. While many discounts and promos naturally run their course, sometimes it is useful to…

How to Use Discounts

Discounts are applied to individual items or to an entire customer order. Discounts may include coupons, whole order percentage discounts, or wholesale pricing.

Create a Discount

Discounts are manually applied to either a single item or an entire order.

Deactivate Discounts and Promos

Promos, discounts, and coupons can have a start date and an end date, or run on an ongoing basis. If needed, you can end a promotion or discount earlier than expected, or pause an ongoing sale quickly…

Apply a Global Discount

Use Exatouch to apply a discount to an entire order quickly and easily.

Apply an Item Discount

Exatouch gives you the flexibility to apply single or multiple item discounts in the Register app on new and open orders.