Setup & Manage Discounts

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Shelf Label Capability Added

The shelf labels layout has been updated to print both a card (list) price and cash price when the Dual Price mode is active in the Exatouch system.

Just Added: Promos & Discounts Report

Get a better look at your discounts and promotions for all orders. Our new sales report, Promos & Discounts, provides you a detailed report of items sold below your established retail cost.

New! Exclude an Item from Discounts and Promotions

Exatouch offers you a variety of options to apply promotions and discounts to your items. We’ve added the ability to exclude individual items from all discounts and promotions. Navigate to the Promo work area in Item Details…

Apply a Global Discount

Use Exatouch to apply a discount to an entire order quickly and easily.

Checkout Fee Scenarios

Checkout Fees give you the flexibility to design a fee that’s right for your business. Set checkout fees as a percentage of an order total, or a specific flat dollar amount. If you employ cash or other…

Create Item Level Promos

Item Level Promos are promotions applied to a single item. Promos can be run during specific hours during the day, for a specific time period.

Create Subcategory Level Promos

Promos can be applied to a group of items that share a Subcategory within a category. Run Subcategory Level Promos during specific hours during the day, for a specific time period.

Deactivate Discounts and Promos

Promos, discounts, and coupons can have a start date and an end date, or run on an ongoing basis. If needed, you can end a promotion or discount earlier than expected, or pause an ongoing sale quickly…

Create Mix & Match Promos

Mix & Match promos are specialized combination discounts you can offer your customers to introduce a new product, welcome seasonal customers back, bring in new business and more!

Create Mix & Match Promos – Prior Releases

Mix & Match promos are discounts on a combination of specifically chosen items from categories, subcategories, and/or individual items. Mix & Match promos can be run during specific hours during the day, for a specific time period.

Create a Discount

Discounts are manually applied to either a single item or an entire order.

How to Use Discounts

Discounts are applied to individual items or to an entire customer order. Discounts may include coupons, whole order percentage discounts, or wholesale pricing.