Customer Management

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Club Memberships

Club memberships allow customers who join to receive special discounts and promotions. In Exatouch, clubs are created using categories and subcategories, and then sold as items.

Email Customer Receipts

Email customers their receipts using the Register app at payment time or later, as needed.

Hard-Coded Email Settings

Exatouch uses a designated hard-coded email address in the “POS Cloud” for sending reports and customer receipts, so merchants do not have to rely on their own email settings. This makes receipt delivery more reliable should a…

Earn Loyalty Points

Customers earn loyalty points by purchasing eligible items or services at the register.

Check Loyalty Balance

Loyalty rewards balance can be viewed at the register and/or on a customer’s profile.

Set Up Customer Loyalty Program

The Customer Loyalty Program is a point-based program where customers gain points from purchases. Customers redeem points for rewards at the register in the form of a discount off their purchase amount. Loyalty program is set up…

Find Customer Details

Customer profiles and their corresponding details are accessed from the Customers module.

Set Customer Order Limit

Set order limits within a customer’s profile. When an order limit is set, Exatouch tallies the outstanding balances from a customer’s open orders and alerts you when the designated limit is reached. A manager’s PIN is required…

Update Customer Info

Keep client records up-to-date so you can stay in touch and track their preferences.

Address Verification Settings

The perfect compliment to the Delivery Manager is address verification! Delivery Manager is the quintessential tool for all restaurants that offer delivery service to their customers, helping to save valuable time while delivering orders to their proper location.  Exatouch…

Set Up Email Campaigns

Create new message campaigns for marketing purposes. Set up new email distribution lists and send email blasts. Distribution lists can be customized for targeted advertising of promos, discounts, and other announcements.

View your Inbox

View your inbox in the Messages module.

Create Birthday Greetings

Birthdays are a great time to connect with customers with some kinds words and an incentive to visit! Schedule birthday greeting emails to be delivered on the “day of” or “in advance” of client birthdays.

Create Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders work in conjunction with the Services module, enabling you to send appointment reminders directly from Exatouch. Send appointment reminders on the day of an appointment or several days in advance.

View Scheduled Messages

View and manage a list of scheduled messages within the Messages module.

How to Use Messages

Messages are used to communicate with clients by email. Send birthday greetings and promo alerts to individuals or groups. If you are a service-based business, the Messages module works seamlessly with the Service Scheduling module so you…

Enter a New Customer

Better monitor customer purchases and preferences by keeping accurate customer records.

Link a Customer to an Order

Consistent linking of customers to their orders builds a robust customer database that you can use to track customer preferences and ensure accurate reporting. These tools help you create a better customer experience.

Redeem Loyalty Points

Customers redeem loyalty points for rewards at the register in the form of a dollar discount off their purchase amount.