Add Items to Vendor Supply List – Prior Releases

When creating a purchase order, items are selected from the vendor’s list of available items. Sometimes vendors begin carrying additional items for purchase, or a vendor’s item list may not be complete. After reviewing your vendor’s items…

Add a Vendor – Prior Releases

Vendors are suppliers of goods. Keeping accurate vendor records will enable you to manage inventory and create purchase orders. In Exatouch, items are ordered from vendors who supply them.

Set Default Vendor for an Item – Prior Releases

In Exatouch, items are always linked to vendors and items are always assigned a default vendor. If no vendor is assigned to an item, your system will create a default vendor called No Vendor. If only one…

Modify Stock Type – Prior Releases

Stock Type can be set globally or individually. When you set a stock type, items in your system will automatically default to that type. Different stock types can be applied to individual items as needed.

Modify Inventory Level – Prior Releases

There are several ways to modify your inventory level; the simplest way is to modify inventory through the Item Details screen.  

Generate SKU Numbers Locally – Prior Releases

Local SKU numbers or Alt SKU numbers can be assigned to an item in Exatouch regardless of whether the item has a manufacturer’s SKU number assigned. For example, you can assign a local SKU number to a…