Tab Auth Set Up

Provide excellent customer service with the Tab Auth feature! Pre-authorize customer credit cards, process pre-approved tab transactions, and close tabs quickly and easily. Tab Auth is available for restaurants, including bars, lounges, and table service establishments.

Happy Hour Specials: Use Promo Layers – Prior Releases

Restaurants and bars create happy hour specials using promo layers.  Promo layers allow you to “layer” times and values onto a promo, so you can create a series of promos which apply during specific hours during the…

Manage Bar Tabs with Tab Auth

The Tab Auth feature enables bars to provide exceptional customer service with the security of knowing that payments will be covered. Pre-authorize credit cards when a customer’s tab is opened, then ring up the tab easily and…

Benefits of Pre-Authorization

Pre-authorization helps you offer timely bar service, seamless transactions, reduce fraud risk, and improve customer satisfaction.  Exatouch’s Tab Auth feature enables you to pre-authorize a bar tab and manage it effectively.

Create Promo Layers

Create additional promos for your restaurant or business using Promo Layers. Build several layers of promos to cover specific days and times to extend specific offers for your customers.