Release Notes: Exatouch Version 8.338

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Print Tip Slip

The Print Tip Slip button in the Mod Tips work area will allow users to generate a receipt for customers who’d like to add a tip to their payment.

Tip Security: Optional

In this update, we’ve given you the option to make Tip Security limits optional. Tip Security limits are enabled by default, and set at 200%.

New: Bottle Calculator Options

We’ve expanded the bottle calculator options to help you ring up orders smoothly when a bottle redemption is involved.

Expanded Reporting for Checkout Fees

We’ve added a separate line item for refunded checkout fees to the business overview and snapshot sales reports. The Tender Discount & Fees report will break out checkout fees for individual stations, as needed.

Release Notes: Exatouch Version 8.338

Ready to update your Exatouch Point of Sale system? Here’s what you need to know about new and improved features available in this release.

Ohio Liquor Updates

Exatouch has another update to support Ohio Liquor Merchants: Reset MS Sales.

Generate Check Digits for 11-Digit SKUs on Import

Importing 11-digit SKUs? Exatouch will generate the 12th digit check SKU on import. Add your items to the current inventory import form, add the alpha character C as the 12th digit to 11 digit SKUs, and Exatouch generates…