Release Notes: Exatouch Version 8.325

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Release Notes: Exatouch Version 8.325

Ready to update your Exatouch Point of Sale system? Here’s what you need to know about new and improved features available in this release.

More Print Options for Sticky Labels!

We’ve expanded support for a variety of sticky label printers. Add and adjust any compatible printers to print 58mm and 80mm receipts with an appropriate font size in Print Settings. 40mm print support remains: now adjust the…

Newly Expanded: Modify All Items

Need to update a list of items? We’ve expanded the number of fields you can change when you modify items in bulk. You can now use this workflow to include and exclude items from discounts and promotions…

New: Bottle Calculation in the Register App

We’ve added a calculator function to the Register App you can use to total up redemption values as needed. Add the new custom button, Bottle Calculator, to the Register app, then tap any time to bring this…