Release Notes: Exatouch Version 8.319

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Release Notes: Exatouch Version 8.319

Ready to update your Exatouch Point of Sale system? Here’s what you need to know about new and improved features available through this release.

Added: Expanded Customer Facing Display (CFD) Settings

We’ve consolidated Customer Facing Display (CFD) settings in one location. From Home, navigate to Settings > Preferences > Display to make changes and upload images. Upload and preview images for Lock Screen, Receipt, CFD/Bematech, Screen Saver (Exatouch), Screen Saver (CFD)…

Updated: Checkout Fee Settings

We’ve simplified Checkout Fee settings: Tender Type Exemptions is now Apply To. Enable each tender type to apply the Checkout Fee to that tender type.  

New! Print Modifiers to Specific Printers

We’ve expanded printing options for your item modifiers. Previously, modifiers printed to the printer assigned to the parent item. A parent item of a steak entrée, for example, accompanied by a salad modifier, would print to the…

Just Added: Pickup and Delivery Time on Receipts!

Keep pickup and delivery times handy with our updated order receipts. Now the pickup and delivery times are printed directly on kitchen receipts, delivery tickets, and customer receipts.

New! Tender Total Options for Receipts

Use Checkout Fees and Tender Discounts? With this release, your customer receipts reflect the cash and credit totals due.

New! Exclude an Item from Discounts and Promotions

Exatouch offers you a variety of options to apply promotions and discounts to your items. We’ve added the ability to exclude individual items from all discounts and promotions. Navigate to the Promo work area in Item Details…

Import Items With Multiple Alternate SKUs

We have expanded the import capabilities of Exatouch to allow you to import up to 20 alternate SKUs (AltSKU) as a part of your inventory item import.