Release Notes: Exatouch Version 8.305+

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Enter Credit Card Information Manually Directly in Exatouch

Credit card payments may be entered manually using Exatouch in addition to your existing payment devices. Simply tap the Manual CC Entry button in the payment work area, tap Pay, then enter required and optional information to…

Offline Credit Card Processing – Detect and Reconnect

Working in Offline Processing mode? Exatouch now checks for internet access  while stations are in offline mode, once every minute until access is restored. When a check restores internet access, the Register app returns to online processing…

Continued User Interface Improvements

We’re always working to make Exatouch better for you and your teams. This release, we’ve made two user interface updates for occasional and frequent users.

Estimated Cash Deposit Updates

We’ve updated the Estimated Cash Deposit field, and added it to several reports and snapshots. The total for Est. Cash Deposit reflects the net cash for deposit minus all non-cash tips. If a negative number, it is…

Update Factor4 Customer Data Automatically!

Updating customer data? Make all the changes you need in the Customer Detail work area, then tap Save to save your changes to Exatouch and update the information via API to Factor4. A timestamp added to the…

Updated EULA Messages

Updated the message for the EULA acceptance prompt for Merchants who have not accepted the Exatouch EULA: Your license is expiring in XX days, please contact support.