Release Notes: Exatouch Version 8.286+

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Reports: Staff Shift

Additional columns have been added to the Staff Shift Reports: Owed to House and Owed to Staff. Pay Out Non-Cash Tips, disabled by default, controls the amounts shown in these columns.

Item Details: Inventory Adjustment Tab

Inventory adjustments happen. We’ve tweaked the behavior of this work area just a bit so you can double check your changes before you save them.

Print Customer Receipts Without Signature Lines

You now have the option to print receipts without signature lines. One less step in your payment processing facilitates a quick turnaround of payment acceptance.

Reports: Stock Location

The Stock Location report to helps you locate items, and summarizes pricing, cost, and margin information.

Item Details: Purchasing Tab

We’ve consolidated several groups of information on an item’s Purchasing tab to give you more visibility into your item activity and vendor information.

Promotions – Mix & Match Promotions

Do your customers love your mix & match promotions? We’ve made creating them easier–search for and add items by category and subcategory to speed promotion creation.

AGDC 2020 Scan Data Program

The Exatouch Altria AGDC file format has been updated to meet the format guidelines in effect as of 03/29/2020. To implement this change, upgrade to the current version of Exatouch. Once you upgrade, you can continue to…

Item Details: Work Area

Several fields are now at the top of the work area; you’ll have handy information available as you adjust, update, and modify items.

EULA Acceptance Prompt

The first time you upgrade or activate our software to versions or higher, you, the Merchant, or your duly designated employee must accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) for each licensed copy of the Exatouch…

Settings: Inventory Preferences

Along with the stock type simplification, we’ve updated the inventory preference settings for default stock type. Set your default Stock Type if you expect to add new inventory or non-inventory items and define cost requirements as needed.

Item Details: Inventory Options Tab – Parent and Child Items

We’ve consolidated several common features in Inventory Options to expand how you manage your inventory. Use Inventory Options (was: Bulk tab) to establish Parent and Child relationships between items, and to set up Alternate SKUs as needed.

Item Details Tab: Placeholders

Several inactive items have been added to the Details tab, including E-WIC Eligible, EBT Eligible, and Make Available Online.

Item Details: Modifiers Tab

Looking for the Upcharge for a modifier on a specific item? This information is conveniently listed on the Modifiers tab for each item.

Item Details: Tax & GL Tab Changes

Tax Group Codes, Revenue Class, and Revenue Center selections are now on the Tax & GL (General Ledger) tab.

Item Details: Inventory Matrix Tab

We’ve consolidated your inventory matrix information into one work area, the Inventory Matrix tab.

Item Details – Updates!

Several Item Details work areas have been revamped to make it easier for you to navigate, add, and update your inventory items. Features you use day in and day out are now grouped together in an existing…

Item Details: Promos Tab – Every Day Promos

Does your new promo run every day of the week? Simply enable Every Day as you build your promotion on the Item Details Promos tab to run it with one tap every day between your start and…

Item Details: Promos Tab – Price Reduction

Our new price reduction option lets you mark down prepackaged items created using your un-integrated scale. Quickly and easily discount deli, meat, or produce.

Item Details: Navigation Buttons

Navigation buttons and a selection of task options have moved to the bottom of Item work areas.