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Simplified! Tax Included Option

To simplify item entry and tax calculations, a new “Tax Included” option enables merchants to automatically flag an item as “a tax included item”.

Updated! Tab Authorization

Bars and eateries will enjoy refinements to Exatouch’s “Tab Authorization” functions, including pre-auth override prompts, automatic customer labeling, split payment options, and a streamlined interface that further reduces the number of touches.

Now Available! Offline Processing Mode

“Offline Processing” mode allows merchants to continue operations during unforeseeable events such as Internet or network outages.

Introducing! Quick Menus

“Quick Menu” buttons provide quick access to special or popular items as defined by the user, reducing the number of touches and time spent at the register.

Automatically Capture New Customer Info when Emailing Receipts

A new preference “Save Customer when emailing receipt” allows merchants to automatically save new customer information from the email receipt prompt. This preference affects emailed receipts whether merchants use the “Receipt prompt” preference or the “Print default to email” preference.

Brand New! Fresh Sheet

The “Fresh Sheet” provides restaurants with a real-time countdown of menu items and specials. Located on the newly designed lock screen, servers can quickly view what’s new on the menu, what’s about to run out, and what’s…

Built for Speed! In-House Delivery Manager

A collection of enhancements has been made to Exatouch’s “In-house Delivery” and “Delivery Service” features, including “Whozz Calling Caller ID” integration. The Caller ID allows staff to greet customers by name and see their recent order history,…

User Access Controls

The Access Control function enables merchants to customize staff level permissions, providing greater control over which employees have access to certain modules, features, functions, and information throughout Exatouch.

Redesigned Modifiers

The redesigned Modifiers automatically populate in an organized “waterfall” across the register, reducing the number of touches it takes to ring up required and optional modifiers. With these unlimited and intuitive modifiers, servers can enter even the…

Updated! Lock Screen

The newly redesigned, elegant “Lock Screen” provides quick access to Exatouch’s most frequently used features and screens.

Improved Labeling

Improvements to language and labels throughout the software enhance use and diminish the time it takes to locate information.

On-Screen Keyboard

The Exatouch on-screen keyboard is a fast and intuitive alternative to the hardware keyboard, especially during high-traffic hours, and is another great tool for streamlining and simplifying use.

Ohio Liquor Updates

Exatouch continues to implement updates to support Ohio liquor merchants with a host of insightful, practical features which give Ohio merchants a competitive edge in the liquor industry!

Support for Beer Distributors in PA

Exatouch now serves PA malt beverage distributors! Generate PA1014 Malt Beverage Reports in the new Utilities LCB module with support throughout Exatouch.

Improved Labeling for Inventory Fields

Within Inventory Preferences, the label “Print labels on price change” has been changed to “Queue labels to print on price change” to clarify that labels are sent to print queue for printing (rather than immediately printing.)

New! Weighted Item (SBF) Override Preference

A new option has been added to Item Details for weighted Sold by Fraction (SBF) items.  When enabled, the “Override qty/time” preference allows all end users to override the qty obtained from an integrated scale.

Now Available! Override Price Preference

The new “Override Price” preference enables merchants to allow all users, regardless of access level, to change the price of a specific item or items at the Register.

Ohio Liquor Updates

Exatouch continues to implement updates to support Ohio Liquor Merchants with a host of insightful, practical features which give Ohio merchants a competitive edge in the liquor industry!

Create Mix & Match Promos – Prior Releases

Mix & Match promos are discounts on a combination of specifically chosen items from categories, subcategories, and/or individual items. Mix & Match promos can be run during specific hours during the day, for a specific time period.

Michigan Liquor Support

Exatouch now serves Michigan liquor establishments, saving store owners time and giving them valuable insight into their liquor sales! A standard Michigan liquor database is provided for easy reference, and historically manual processes are automated by allowing…

Expanded Messaging for Checkout Fee (Customer Service Fee)

Customer service fee messaging has been expanded to include customizable messages for both paid customer receipts and open orders. Payment receipt messages display on paid customer receipts; Folio Receipt messages display on open orders. Restaurants will find…

Printing Merchant Copies of QSR Receipts

For Quick Service Restaurants and businesses who value quick turn-around, it’s all about speed! QSR receipt option preferences allow merchants to decide if they need merchant copies when credit or PIN debit transactions are processed for orders…

Change Due Prompt at Register

Enable “Change Due” prompts at the register to help cashiers give back accurate change when cash tender is applied. “Change Due” prompts are optional and can auto-close after a defined period of time. “Change Due” options are…

“Tax Exempt Item” Custom Button

Easily apply tax exemption to individual items or to groups of items by placing a dedicated “Tax exempt item” custom button directly on the register! This is useful for retailers who supply products to resellers.

Easy Activation for Liquor and CRV Module

Merchants who operate in Ohio, Michigan, and California can enjoy easy activation of relevant liquor and CRV features! Activation requires an Administrator’s PIN.

Date Filters in Reports

Date Filters are here by popular demand! Pre-set date filters make running reports a snap! Select from pre-set filters or build a custom filter.

User-Defined Reporting for Items and Services

Item-specific sales data can now be added to the Snapshot and/or Business Overview reports. Easily track sales, promotions and more for a specific item or service!

Age Verification Improvements

Age Verification enhancements include Age Verification Indicators, Manual Override, and the Age Verification Report!

Loyalty Rewards Preview

Exatouch has yet another way to promote your loyalty program and keep customers coming back! Loyalty reward points can now be printed directly from the Register on either the “Pay” tab or the “Details” tab, making it…