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Exatouch Inventory App

  • Note: The Exatouch Inventory App is currently available to select users for beta testing. We anticipate the full release within the first half of 2023.
Expand how you manage inventory with the Exatouch Inventory App! The app…

Create Quick Purchase Orders (PO)

Save time! Exatouch can use your inventory information to help you create purchase orders for low-stock items.

Enroll Vendors in Dynamic Reordering

Expedite product reorders by enrolling items and vendors in Dynamic Reordering. Save time on manually tracking inventory and create purchase orders before inventory runs out. When inventory items (linked to a vendor and enrolled in Dynamic Reordering)…

Find Purchase Orders

To view purchase orders, you can navigate directly to the PO List, or access the PO List while you build a purchase order.

Email a PO to a Vendor

Email purchase orders directly to vendors for quicker reordering.

  • Tip! Contact Technical Support at 800-966-5520 – Option 3 to verify email settings are configured to support this feature.

Add Items to a Vendor Supply List

Create Purchase Orders (POs) by selecting items to reorder from a vendor’s list of available items. You can link items to vendors on the item record, or select multiple items to add to a vendor during purchase…

Add a Vendor

Adding and maintaining vendors to Exatouch helps you manage inventory and simplify creating purchase orders for out of stock and low on stock items.

Link Items to Vendors

Link your items to one or more vendors, and generate Purchase Orders (PO) in Exatouch. By default, items are assigned a default vendor named No Vendor.

Set a Default Vendor for an Item

Exatouch assigns a default vendor,┬áNo Vendor, to all items in your inventory. When you assign a vendor to an item, this vendor replaces┬áNo Vendor as the default. If you assign multiple vendors to an item, change the…