8.339 Release Notes (Sep 30, 2021)

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September 30, 2021

Release Notes: Exatouch Version 8.339

Ready to update your Exatouch Point of Sale system? Here’s what you need to know about new and improved features available in this release.

Expanded! SKU Validation Options

We’ve added a new setting: SKU Validation, enabled by default. With SKU Validation enabled, SKU numbers entered into appropriate Item Details fields or imported as part of an Inventory Import.

LMP Logic Enhancements

We’ve added a made a series of enhancements to the LMP logic to prevent reporting delays and State server overloading.

Customer Facing Display Settings

Customer Facing Display settings allow you to flexibly give your customers the information they need at purchase time. These settings are enabled by default. Find these settings by navigating from Home to Settings > Preferences > CFD.

Set Auto Batch Times in Multi Terminal Environments

We’ve enhanced our auto batch settings to allow you to stagger terminal auto batch times. This allows for staggered closings and ensures each terminal has enough communication time to close.

Fraud Control Update: Age Verification Override

After upgrading to this version of Exatouch, Age Verification Override functionality is disabled by default. All age-restricted purchases require proof of age.